What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a test paper for the English language which is  2 hours and 45 minutes long. It is required for students who want to be admitted to universities around the world. There are 2 versions of test 

  •  Academic
  • General training

There are four modules in Ielts: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.The Listening and Speaking tests are the same for the Academic and General modules but reading and writing tests are different for the candidates.

The scores for the ielts exam result varies from 1 to 9 bands which is valid for only two years. There are 48 tests a year, probably on Thursday and saturday. 

Modules of Ielts Test


The Reading test takes 60 minutes in which 40 questions are to be solved. There are 4 sections in the test. Each section has a long passage. The candidate had to read the passage and answer the questions.


Writing test takes 60 minutes in which two tasks are to be completed. In task 1 you have to describe graphs, diagrams or certain processes given in our own words and in task 2 you have to write an essay on an issue topic or argument.


The Listening test takes 30 minutes for solving problems and an extra 10 minutes are given for writing answers on answer sheets.


Speaking is the face to face conversation with the examiner. Speaking test is divided into 3 parts which are the same for both general and academic ielts. Speaking test is conducted to check pronunciation, fluency, grammar and vocabulary.

How Bands are alloted in IELTS exam?

  • BAND 9 – Expert


  • BAND 8 – Very Good


  • BAND 7 – Good


  • BAND 6 – Competent


  • BAND 5 – Modest


  • BAND 4 – Limited


  • BAND 3 – Extremely Limited


  • BAND 2 – Intermittent


  • BAND 1 – Non Use


  • BAND 0 – No Original English Used  
9 Bands
8 Bands
7 Bands
6 Bands
5 Bands
4 Bands
3 Bands
2 Bands
1 Band
0 Band